Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Update! Wait, Lex still blogs?

Yes, yes. I know, it has been what.. a YEAR since I have been on my blog? I know, dear Lexbots... it has been a long time since I updated here. You may (probably not) have noticed that I am changing some things around on here. I do plan to turn this blog into something spiffy :) Stay tuned everyone.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First GIF File!

Dumb Things People Say to Diabetics
For whatever reason, I CANNOT get this to upload to Tumblr.

- Lex

Monday, July 8, 2013

Nyx Face Awards 2013

Eek! It has been FOREVER since I last wrote on my blog. Things have been incredibly hectic for the past couple of months now (In a good way, of course!). My fingers are super sore from being poked at the immediate care yesterday (boo... high blood sugars...) but I know that I am going to end up typing up a storm right now anyways!

As all of you know who follow me on Facebook, my YouTube Channel has been entered in a competition called the Nyx Face Awards! I had submitted my YouTube channel to the competition in hopes to make it into the top 30, and I did! I was in complete shock, and extreme excitement! A follower had messaged me informing me about the competition (Good ol' Kristi Jo!). I am so glad that I checked out the link, and that she was so kind as to let me know it was going on! Anyways. The perks of this competition:

The first place winner will receive $25,000 and a beautiful glass trophy! Of course, there are other incredible perks such as a full supply of NYX Cosmetics, and the wonderful opportunity to meet other professional makeup artists!

This competition has been incredible. We are now in the final voting round. Thank you to every single one of you who have advanced us this far in the competition! I am up against other artists who not only produce beautiful work, but also have 30,000+ more followers than I do! Some even are in the 500,000+ followers! (EEK!) While this is incredibly scary trying to get through the voting rounds, we have pushed our way to the very last voting round. Voting will begin again on July 10th! Mark your calendars people, it's going to be intense!

While I have been including everyone on this incredible journey, I wanted to give you guys a more inside look at the competition so far! <3

The Call

Um... What? I was not expecting anyone to call me. I was not waiting for the call. I was not sitting by my phone waiting to get a call from California to inform me that I had made it into the top 30 of the Nyx Face Awards for 2013. Where was I? I WAS SLEEPING. *buzz* .... *buzz* .... *buzz* The first thought that came to my mind was WHATTTT. WHAT DO YOU WANTTTT. AHHHH! I silenced my phone without even looking at it, thinking it was one of my friends calling me. My phone let out a little alert after the call had ended. I had a voicemail. Um? What? No one ever leaves me voicemails. "Hello! I am _____ from Nyx Cosmetics to inform you that you have made it into the top 30 for the Nyx Face Awards" .. Something along those lines. WHAT!!!!!! I called back immediately, hoping I wouldn't sound like I had just been sleeping for hours and was suddenly woken up with a shocking voicemail. After the phone call was over, I went into my grandmas room. "Gram.. shh.. okay.. don't say anything... I haven't told her yet (mom)... I made it into the Nyx Face Awards.. shh...!" My Grandma's face was priceless. It was one of those "WHAT I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU'RE TELLING ME" faces. I casually walked over to my mom's room... "Mom. Guess what. I made it to the top 30 of the Nyx Face Awards!"

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! YOU DID?! I KNEW YOU WOULD! NOW WHAT! WHAT HAPPENED!? (followed by continuous celebratory blabber that I cannot even remember because I was so excited).

Round One: Vintage Beauty

Oh the anxiety when I received the first email announcing the very first round. My family and I were actually at a car dealership when my phone buzzed to alert me that the first theme had been announced. They were in the middle of talking, but here I am.. *poke* .... *poke* .... "Psst, Moooom... the first theme was announced...!"

After reading the e-mail, all I could think to myself was, "Self, you are going to be rocking the 1920's." Why did I choose this point in time? There were a couple reasons to my logic. Competitor wise, I did not think that many of the contestants would choose the 1920's, but eras that were more "well known," such as the 50's or 60's. As much as I love love love the poodle skirts and Johnny Rocket's themed times, I really wanted to stand out. One of my best friends, Amanda, also popped into my head. One of her favorite books is The Great Gatsby, and she was also a flapper for Halloween one year. In high school, when she told me about the book, I asked her, "wait, isn't that a whale?" She replied, "No Lex... that's Moby-Dick." Whoops!

Clearly, this theme also gave me a major history lesson. While I was never a fan of learning history (I know, I know... but I have always been a fan of Science and English! Subjects where it leaves your mind to wonder), I ended up learning a lot about the wars, and how this time period was so significant. After research, I decided that this was absolutely going to be the era that I wanted to represent. If you look at makeup through the ages, it really is incredible how much things have changed. It makes you wonder how the future will look like... Will the past repeat itself? Will we eventually go back to the 20's makeup? Or will it continue to change into something we have not yet seen? I guess we will have to wait and see.

I normally do not practice my looks before I do them, but determined to have a near perfect video (perfect to my satisfaction at least), I did two practice rounds before actually filming the video. I was actually unhappy with the way the first look turned out. Why? Because I am very used to todays day and age in makeup application, and thought it was very odd to have the shadow pretty much reversed from what we know today. After the first application, I had to completely forget todays makeup application and remember that I am representing an ERA. The second application, I treated it as a form of expressing creativity, just like any other monster or creature I paint, and accepted the fact that I would not look like myself with this old age application. At first this made me very nervous that my application was so true to the era and I did not "modernize" it at all.. but... how could you represent an era if you are modernizing it? With these thoughts and satisfaction of my representation of the 1920's, I began to film. Unlike my other videos that normally would take around two hours to film, and three to fours hours to edit, this video took four hours to shoot. Why? Just being extra cautious that this look was about to represent me in a competition with 29 other incredible artists.

First round, check! We made it through.

After the pure shock of pushing through to round two, the excitement began all over again.

Round Two: Superheroes/Villains

After deciding to do a random theme on my page of superheroes and villains, THIS gets announced. How crazy is that?! I had just posted my FIRST look of the series I was about to create on my page. I always see comic book inspired makeup all over the place now (originally sourcing from the MAC Cosmetics face chart...) and for some reason one day it just hit me, "Hey, I could totally do Superman in like.. a comic looking type... makeup.. and paint my hair on! I am totally becoming a dude. Yes, this is happening. Tomorrow". Created it, posted it, the usual - Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. 

Not long after that, Nyx re-tweeted my Superman look. I was like HOORAY! They like it :) (In reality, they were probably like UMMMMM... Okay, Lex is getting a little creepy because we haven't announced the theme yet...)

We waited ALL DAY for them to announce the theme of this round. Before you know it, my mother rushes into my room "THEY ANNOUNCED IT, THEY ANNOUNCED IT!" I was like "WHAT IS IT!?" and shes like "I HAVE NO IDEA I JUST HAVE THE VIDEO HERE AND PLAY IT." So we watched Charisma Star announce that this theme was going to be super heroes.. and I was like.. hold on... Nyx... Did we just become best friends?

I GOT THIS. This theme was by far the BEST THEME EVER (at the moment!). I was SO STOKED that I had JUST DONE Superman that I was incredibly proud of, and definitely thought this was my kind of theme. Well, you guys saw all of my spastic Facebook updates :) 

I called everyone that I knew and let them know the theme, updated all of my networks, and could barely sleep that night. (It was announced at night. Thanks, Nyx, for getting me all hyped before bed.) The more I thought about it, the harder the theme actually became. When you think about super heroes and villains, you think of their costume, not their face. I was nervous knowing that I could not use my body paint (well, technically, I could but...). I thought about all of the comic characters, reviewing their outfits. I ended up coming to the conclusion that NONE of them truly represented me and the style that I like... (other than the Joker, of course). So what could I do?

I waited till two days before the videos were due to come up with a concept, film, edit, take pictures, and submit.

LET ME TELL YOU. I do not think that many things in life will be scarier than coming so close to a deadline to submit something so important to you.

I ended up coming up with my own villain called "Vanity". Her name was also very very last minute. I drew my inspiration from a wall hanging that we have the morning that I actually filmed. 

Yep, everyone, meet Vanity. She is a wall hanging. TADA!

That's right. I came up with my villains design the DAY I filmed her. Talk about stress! It was already in my plan to use the NYX Jumbo Pencils in replace of my paint. Off to Ulta I went to grab my additional colors I may need, and time to start filming. After filming was done (which was only a two hour process this time because my creativity was flowing), I spent multiple hours editing my video, as well as creating backgrounds for every product used.

Once again, you guys pulled us through to the next round. This was extremely shocking. While I was incredibly proud of my look and all of the hard work I put in to it, I was also very prepared that there was a high chance I would not make it to the next round due to the fact that we are progressing from votes. I CANNOT SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH for voting three times a day for MadeYewLook, and bugging your friends and family to also vote <3 

Common Questions I got this round were: 
Q: How did you get all of that makeup off!?
A: I actually used body oil to get all of the makeup off. Because this makeup does its job, it wants to STAY ON! Which would be WONDERFUL when used for the application it was MEANT for, but is tough coming off when being used for a large application like this. When using the body oil, though, it comes right off.

Q: Why did you not do an existing hero/villain?
A: One thing I knew when I began this competition was that no matter how far I make it, I will always represent who I am and what I stand for. While I don't stand for villainous acts, I do stand for creativity. While existing characters are awesome, I really wanted to do something original to represent MadeYewLook/MadeULook, not Marvel or DC. There was plenty of time for me to pay tribute to the classic comic characters on my own page, but for a competition, I guess I was just taking the risk to represent my own design. And let me tell you, I am so happy I did.

We did it! We made it through the second voting round!  Once again, excitement and screaming bursted through my house. My dogs were also excited, but my chinchilla... not so much. She was pretty scared from all the noise, but it's okay :) <3 She knows that I love her anyways, and we celebrated with a giant hay party for her.

Round Three: Futuristic

Sorry guys! No photos or updates of this round until July 10th (when voting starts and videos go live!) I will be making a blog update once this round is posted!

If there is one thing I can say about this entire experience, it is that it has been incredible. I have discovered a lot of new and awesome artists, and have also gained a lot of new supporters... NOT TO EVEN MENTION THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF SPONSORED BOXES I HAVE GOTTEN! But that would be an entirely separate post :) I guess I will post the boxes here also. 

Please remember to vote three times a day for MadeYewLook starting July 10th! If we do not get votes from as many people as possible, we WILL NOT MAKE IT TO THE FINAL ROUND IN CALIFORNIA.

The Boxes Filled with Love and Greatness

Box One: This box was actually the funniest because I WAS NOT AWARE that we were going to be getting these boxes. All of a sudden I just get this HUGE BOX of NYX Cosmetics at my front door, and my eyes were like O.O WHAT.

(enter alexys60 in all lowercase on Nume to receive 
$110 off your purchase of any classic curling iron or magic wand!)

Box Three Sponsors: Nyx Cosmetics, Sexy Hair, Pro Activ, Sole Society, Ulta Beauty, Blue Print, and

Thank you to NYX COSMETICS for HOLDING this contest. You guys don't HAVE to have this contest. It is not required as a cosmetic company. Thank you so much for showing support for your customers, and for being such amazing people to communicate with and work with! You have a new loyal customer, not only from me, but from many of my supporters.




SPECIAL THANK YOU TO BRET MICHAELS FOR BEING SO INCREDIBLE AND CREATING A VIDEO ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR ME! You did not HAVE to do that, so thank you so much for being so incredibly kind, and my inspiration since I was very young!

Let's make it to the finals! 

- Lex

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since my last blog update. Things have been incredibly hectic lately! I decided to take the time to type out some answers to frequently asked questions. Of course, if your question is not listed, or you still have further questions, feel free to message me!

Where do you get your contacts?

I can’t reveal all of my secrets ;) But I will say to make sure you have the correct prescription from your eye doctor before you order your lenses, and make sure they are approved. Even if you do not need a prescription, your doctor will give you the correct size. If the website you are ordering from does not ask for your doctors information to confirm your prescription, do not order from that site. I do have specific places I will NEVER order from, but I do not want to put the companies on blast on the web.

What kind of camera do you use/what program do you use to edit your videos?

Once again, I cannot reveal all of my secrets :) If you pay close enough attention, you may snag a sneak peek in my photos!

What kind of program do you use to edit your photos?

I use Photoshop CS4. There are newer ones out there, but I still love my old one. There is a lot you can do in photoshop. I use this to create my cover photos, promotion photos, and things of that sort. For my makeup photos, though, I do not do much to them except darken the background and adjust lighting if the photo was taken at night.

What makeup school did you attend?

I did not attend a makeup school, I am self taught.

What got you started in this industry?

I actually became interested in makeup around age 14. It actually wasn’t until I realized that makeup could be used for more than just the basic mascara application that I became interested in it. I learned quickly that it was used for movies and also to make monsters. I loved the creative aspect of it. As I grew older, I also began to love that makeup could be used to make people feel beautiful. Although many use it to fit in to societies perception of beauty, there are many people out there who also suffer from scarring, bruising, or discoloration that they hide using makeup. Makeup can be used to restore injuries, or tragic events that happened. It helps heal the mind, as well as make someone feel beautiful (or scary) inside and out.

I ended up becoming more and more interested in makeup through out high school. There really was no specific reason why I began, other than to relieve stress. Before this, I used to draw and paint. I figured, hey, if I can draw on paper, I can draw on faces. My Junior year of high school, I also started cosmetology school, which brought me into the world of hair. While I enjoyed it, it didn’t let out as much expression as makeup did. Through out high school, I also suffered from Grade 3 Acne. Because of my passion to help others, it lead me into esthetics, where I ended up falling in love. I obtained licenses in both careers before the age of 19. Creativity is who I am, and helping others helps the world, one step at a time.

How do you do your eyebrows?

This is actually a question I get quite often! I am a licensed esthetician, so I was taught how to wax. I do my own. The only way I can explain how to shape your eyebrows would be through a diagram (found online). 

I wouldn’t suggest doing them yourself, and would leave it to a professional, but if you do feel more comfortable doing them yourself, I hope this guide helps! You want the beginning of your brow to line up with the inside of your eye/side of your nose. Your arch should like up with the edge of your iris, and the ending of your eyebrow should line up with the end of your eye.

What inspires you to do the looks that you create?

I draw inspiration from everywhere. More often than not, I draw inspiration from dreams that I have. I have always had a very vivid imagination, and extremely realistic dreams. I also have a tendency to clearly remember them, which is a huge advantage for original characters. Inspiration is also drawn from other artists. There is no feeling like the feeling of leaving a beauty or body painting show, and having your mind flowing with the energy of all the creative people around you. I believe people who are creative have the ability to see the world differently. It is like a million perspectives on situations packed into one person. It is inspiring when you are able to look at something and be like “Oh, I never thought of it that way”. It makes you want to create your own take on that idea.

What message do you have for all of your followers? 

(This question I stole from an interview a follower did with me, haha :) )

Do not ever fall into the worlds category of beautiful. As we grow older, we are each molded into our own person. Many people in this world are molded into societies idea of a perfect person, but it is the people who are different that are the ones who will MAKE a difference. Change cannot happen without someone being “weird”. Weird is known as a bad word, when in reality, if everyone were “normal”, we would all be like robots, wandering around, saying the same catch phrases, looking the same, and nothing would progress. We would become stuck, we would blend in. No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful, inside and out, with or without makeup. Stay true to yourself, follow your dreams, and never give up. The only way you will reach defeat is if you give up on yourself. You decide your destiny, make your own decisions, and only you determine who you are and who you will be. Confidence is key in all endeavors, and always be kind to others, because you never know what may be happening in another persons life. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inspiration and Replication

A lot of people ask me, 

“Lex, where do you get your inspiration from?”
“Who inspires you?”
“How do you think of what you think of, is there a secret?”

No, there really isn’t any type of secret. I have always kind of been this way I guess. I draw inspiration from everything I see, and everyone I meet. A lot of times, people see things as they are, instead of possibly seeing them as something else. You always hear children asking “why”, and “how”, but as we get older, most of us lose that sense of curiosity. We have more responsibilities, and in todays day and age, we become more involved in technology than in every day life, thus, a lot of people question “how do they do that?”.

We look at kids playing, and they pretend to be all kinds of things. If you ask them to create something out of a horse, they’ll give you a unicorn. Probably a rainbow one. That’s also made out of candy.. and flys... and lives in a nest of Twizzlers. We stop thinking of that when we become adults. A horse stays a horse, and everything else is just your imagination. BUT, what if you could make that idea, or creation, a reality? That’s where I come in.

I get inspiration from colorful or creepy things most often. There is so much room to draw different interpretations out of existing things. Maybe you don’t like the way something looks, and you think it would look better this way or that way. 

I also draw inspiration A LOT out of my dreams. I have a very vivid imagination, and my dreams interpret life in such crazy ways. Luckily, I remember most of my dreams very vividly, so I am able to remember what a character looked like that I created in my own mind. Don’t worry guys, i’m not crazy! I think.

Another main inspiration to me are my emotions. Do you ever just sit there when you’re so angry and picture yourself as something different? Maybe the incredible Hulk, or  Godzilla. Or when you’re so sad, you wish you could just take off like a rocket, break through the clouds, and float among the stars as a beautiful creature. Something that needs to be able to breathe without oxygen, with skin thick enough to make the transition between Earth and space. Maybe you can heal people through a light that comes through your skin. Maybe you’re a good character that will help make people feel comforted, so no one has to feel the sadness you feel, or maybe you’re an evil character that wants to make everyone feel how you’re feeling. You begin to develop ideas when you let your mind drift. If you over think creativity, I often find, you won’t go anywhere, and you will get “artist block”. One of the main keys to creating a character is understanding their purpose.

My creations and ideas are my own. They are developed through my emotions, through my life, and through my mind. For every artist, I believe, their art represents something that is often times extremely close to their own life. It’s just a matter of how they see the world through their eyes.


Which leads me into something that I, as well as every artist runs into, every so often.
“Copy Cats”

When I first created my youtube channel, I started because I wanted to see if there were other people out there that would enjoy my work, and also to help people be able to use the look for events, parties, Halloween, and anywhere else that you might wear a really cool, fun makeup look. They are meant to help make you look like a BOSS (pretty much!)

I am often told that copying is a form of flattery. (I’m not sure the exact saying). While I agree, at the same time, it really actually isn’t... but yet it totally is! (That was confusing).

There is a difference between “copying” someone and giving them credit for the idea (which, in this case, it is okay! that is what makeup looks are for, especially when presented with a tutorial. If they were not meant to be replicated, they would not have tutorials!), and recreating the look and then claiming it as your own idea. That is NOT okay! It would be like if someone took a Papa Roach song, sang it themselves, and was like, “Oh hey, I wrote this song. Isn’t it great?” and you’re like, “Dude, I listened to that song when I was in 5th grade, you didn’t write that...” Although that person sang it in their voice, the actual song is not theirs.

This has become a common thing that I have seen on the internet now, and it’s horrible. When your work is mirrored and your credit is taken away, it makes you feel so uncomfortable, I can’t even describe it. You see your vision and interpretation stolen, and it hurts.

When you see a recreation of your work, and credit is given, whether its your name, your page name, anything to represent that it is your idea and their execution, it warms your heart. It is a wonderful feeling to see that people like it enough to execute it, and especially when it’s executed well! It’s AWESOME. (but, once again, as long as that person is not claiming it as their own idea).

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone denies that they flat out stole your work, when you can see that the original was posted before theirs, and you know its an original, because you thought of it.

By no means is this an angry post, or anything of that sort, but I did want to put my opinion out there, and I am sure I speak for a lot of artists, when I say that our work is like our children. All of our imagination, hard work, and ideas are turned to nothing when others claim our ideas as theirs. To end this explanation, I wanted to provide a quote that I found on the interweb while surfing around. Now maybe this never had an author, or maybe their credit got lost somewhere through the complicated strings of our interweb, but it is worded in such a way that is easy to understand.

“You know... saying, ‘Your character looks like, or reminds me of...’ any given published design, is the absolute worst thing you could ever say to an artist. Ever. Even if it was meant as a compliment, the artist‘s brain will interpret that comment as, ‘You are not original or creative; this has been done before.‘ An artist’s original character is often deeply personal to them. Even if you had good intentions, you have trivialized their hard work.” - Unknown

- Lex

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Theme!

Good (morning?) everyone!

Once again, super late night post. It is currently almost 12:30am. I swear, I AM LOVING this whole blog thing. Maybe I just love to talk? Who knows!

Today I began my new Alice in Wonderland theme. It was requested that I revisit this theme (I also did it last year). I think it's a great idea! I am so excited to see how much my mind and creativity has grown since I last featured this theme on my page. So I decided to kick it off with a BANG with an almost four hour body painting session.

This will be a short blog post, but sometimes, at least I think, it's more fun to see the process, than just the end result alone! Personally, I love to see the the middle parts of a piece of art. Why? Maybe because it's just a reminder of how far you came when creating that piece. I think its incredible how much of a difference color makes. As you can see, everything started as just an outline. You wouldn't even know what they WERE until they were filled in with body paint. After staring at a piece of art for so long, you have a tendency to forget that you started out with a blank canvas. You get so used to seeing it, that you need to step away and come back, or take progress photos, to really see the beauty in it.

Here is pretty early in the process! Alice is complete, other than her clothing that still needs to be colored. In the other photo, all characters are complete, they just need outlining and details. The frame was in the middle of being painted.

And complete! Photos from all angles of the painting. 

This is not a tattoo! I created this completely out of body paint and eyeshadow. So, thank you to those who have been saying it is a tattoo, but it is not, haha. It would be a cute one, though, for someone who wanted a very large piece!

I plan on having some cool characters done this upcoming week, as well as some new videos for them :) It is only April, but I am desperately missing Halloween... So, keep these upcoming videos in your mind for a possible cute halloween look as well!!

- Lex

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prom 2013

'Tis the season to have prom! Now, while I am too old for prom (sadface), many of you are getting excited, ready, and nervous to look like a complete princess! Since we are on the subject of prom, I ended up going through some old photos that I have not gone through in years, and thought I would share my days of prom! I feel so old!

This is my best friend, Amanda. Shes pretty much a boss, and was with me through all of high school. Sadly, were in different states now, but I still love her all the same. Notice how I cut my date out of the second photo, HAHA! And thats pretty much the story of my prom! Because I graduated as a Junior, I was able to graduate the same year as Amanda (2010), but I only ended up having one prom.  Moving on! Oh, I also found pictures of my "senior/junior" photos...


I don't look any different, haha! Enough memory lane. I wish I had a good photo of my makeup at prom, because let me tell you, even though my prom wasn't the best, my makeup ROCKED. Due to the many requests, I made my first ever pictorial today of prom makeup. If I had prom today, this is how I would more than likely be doing my eyeballs.

Step one: Prime your entire lid using Urban Decay Primer Potion (or the primer of your choice, but this is my personal favorite)

Step two: Using any basic white (matte or shimmer) eyeshadow, apply it underneath your brow, and to the inner corner of your eyes

Step three: Define your crease by applying "Tease" from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. A nice alternative to this color would be "Velvet Revolver"from the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. Blend this out as high as you would like towards your brow.

Step four: Define your crease EVEN FURTHER by adding "Busted", also found in the Naked 2 Palette. This color is actually like a burgundy, and works nicely with the other neutral colors. The higher you blend this color up, the darker your eyes will be. Be gentle when applying this color, as it IS very dark.

Step five: Using the Too Faced Glitter Insurance primer, prime your lid only (where you have not applied any color yet). This primer is a little sticky, so I suggest using a separate brush. (It wont ruin your brush or anything, it'll just cause the eyeshadow to stick weird if you forget to wipe it off). Pat on cosmetic glitter. Helpful Tip: Hold a paper towel directly underneath your lower lash line to catch fall out of the glitter. Glitter can get messy, so avoid the mess all together!

Step six: Line 'em up and add some false lashes! For this look, I used the BH Cosmetics Sassy lashes. They are full lashes, but I also love the corner lashes 305 by Ardell (that you can find at Walgreens). Corner lashes are good for those who are just starting out with lashes and don't want to struggle. Plus, these particular ones will give you more of a cat eye shape, even without the cat eyeliner.


Here is the end product! I paired this look with a lipstick from MAC, when they still had their Archie Collection out. If you ask the counter for the light pink from the Archie Collection, I am sure they could give you all a close match. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my facebook page! Click!

- Lex